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Switchboard upgrades are a valuable investment. Power requirements change over time with the addition of modern appliances.

Switchboard upgrades are also a necessity to ensure they are safe and compliant with today’s standards.

Loose connections and bad earthing that can be found in old fuse boards and switchboards. Replacing your switchboard or fuse board with a new compliant electrical switchboard with Circuit Breakers, RCBO’s and new earthing will ensure that you and your family or business are protected against any potential risk of electrical shock, electrocution and fire.

electrical switchboard upgrades illawarra
electrical switchboard upgrades illawarra

Reasons why you should upgrade to a new switchboard:

  • Reduce the potential risk of Electrical Hazards & Fire
  • Remove old Asbestos panels
  • Save money on Electrical call outs
  • Save time in getting your power back on
  • Ensuring your business or home is in compliance with the latest Electrical Standards


Questions we get asked about Switchboard Upgrades

When do you need to upgrade and replace a switchboard?

Like everything in life items become old, fragile and out dated. If you are unsure or curious if your switchboard meets the current requirements contact TMR Electrical Group today.

Our switchboard looks ancient. Is that ok or can it be dangerous? 

It can be dangerous. Safety switches and the earthing systems used today are only fairly new and therefore older homes may be well out dated.

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