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The type and style of a light can influence the mood, aesthetics and functionality of a space.

Are you tired of squinting or guessing how many steps there are from one room to another due to poor light? Let us solve your woes with our specialist advice. We will help you get the best out of each room, ensuring we meet your needs by light preference, room function and aesthetic preference.

Our lighting installation service will ensure your rooms enjoy proper light distribution, leaving no space unlit. Whether you need repairs or additional lights, or are thinking of an LED lighting upgrade, we can help!

Our most popular lighting products and services include:

  • Pendant and Feature Lighting Installation
  • LED Down Lights & LED lighting upgrades
  • Outdoor & Garden Lighting, including Sensors & Security Lighting
  • Heat Lighting
  • Appliance Lighting
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting to help save on your bills!


Questions we get asked about Lighting upgrades

How much more energy efficient are LED downlights than halogen lights?

LED down-lights are extremely energy efficient compared to halogen. Not only do they save on energy bills but dissipate a lot less heat then halogen and therefore significantly reduce the risk of fire.

Can you upgrade our lights outside?

TMR Electrical Group are able to upgrade all types of lighting. Outdoor lighting is a great feature point and we will work with you to achieve your desired look within budget.

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