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You can rely on us when the power goes out! TMR Electrical Group can find faults and repair them in a flash

Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires, electric shock, electrocution and potential risk to people and property. Common causes of electrical faults are poor installations, loose terminals, faulty appliances and deterioration of circuits and electrical components over time.

electrical fault finding illawarra
electrical fault finding illawarra

We specialise in all electrical fault finding and fault rectification

  • Earth Faults, Hot Joints and Short Circuits
  • Electrical Testing & Verification
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  • Faulty Safety Switches and Appliances
  • Cable Faults
  • Rectification of Overloaded Circuits


Questions we get asked about Fault Finding & Repairs

My switches are making a strange noise. Can you help me find out whats wrong? 

Sure. TMR Electrical Group’s experienced team is here to help.

When do you need a Electrical Certificate of Compliance?

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance  (CCEW) is needed when any new work, additional or alteration to existing electrical circuits/components is carried out.

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