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Ceiling fans do much more than circulate air to keep you cool in the summer time!

There are many benefits to incorporating ceiling fans into your home’s design or commercial space that go beyond cooling a room. Using ceiling fans throughout your home or business can greatly reduce energy costs, while also providing air circulation, comfort, style and beautiful lighting.

Many people are unaware that ceiling fans can also be used to circulate warm air during cooler months of the year. By running the blades clockwise, ceiling fans push warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft!

Ceiling fan electrician illawarra
Ceiling fan electrician illawarra

Our most common ceiling fan requests include

  • Installation of Indoor Ceiling Fans
  • Installation of Outdoor Ceiling Fans
  • Fan/Light Combinations
  • Hard Wired and Remote style Fans


Questions we get asked about Ceiling Fans

How energy efficient are ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans are energy efficient and an inexpensive way to cool a space.

Can we hard wire a ceiling fan so it doesn’t need a light switch?

Yes, remote controlled ceiling fans are able to be hardwired, and therefore removing the need of a wall switch, although it is preferred to install a wall switch.

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